Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Virginia's Confederate History and Slavery Glorification Month Proclamation

I made a valiant effort to stop fuming and foaming over the callous, despicable political move by Bob McDonnell, Governor of Virginia. This is a direct affront to all people of color, indeed all people, in his state and our country. It is a further affront to the truly brave people who fought to preserve the Union and dismantle the repugnant institution of slavery.

I urge you to write to McDonnell and explain the revulsion we should all feel at such a proclamation. Here is the "contact the governor" page link, and here is what I wrote to this loathsome human being:

Dear Governor:

We are thinking here in New York of proclaiming a Traitorous Actions of the Confederate Fiends Month. This would include informing our local school children and others of how a group of hideously immoral people wantonly attacked their elected government, killed hundred of thousands of people needlessly - all in order to keep millions of human beings in permanent bondage. 

There is no glory in what the soldiers of the South did. Their heroism was misguided. Their memory is forever tarnished. They brought destruction and disgrace upon their homes and families fighting for an ugly, inhuman cause. You forever have associated yourself with the worst in the human spirit. I am sending today a check for $100 to the Virginia Democratic Party to help begin the process of removing you from office in the fastest legal way possible. I will also urge every acquaintance, friend and relative I have never to spend a nickel in Virginia until this racist declaration is reversed. What an awful thing for you to have done.You should be ashamed of yourself.


  1. why does this matter? Im from VA and this doesnt affect my daily life one bit. Oh another holiday/month to ignore what were celebrating. What a waste(your efforts and my post). Did you feel better after you hit send? Me too.

  2. Honestly, Anonymous, I think the post laid it out pretty clearly as to why we should care.

  3. Thank you for so conveniently supplying the Governor's email address. I used it to send him a HOORAY FOR YOU message. The soldiers fought bravely and deserve to be honored. It's no matter that you don't agree with their cause. It's a piece of our history, just as so many other historical events that we may not be so proud of or agree with. Isn't anyone else out their tired of all this "PC" garbage?

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  5. The soldiers fought bravely to keep other men, women and children in bondage. There's nothing honorable and nothing to celebrate in it. There's nothing PC about condemning evil acts.

  6. Just another foamy-mouthed liberal who hasn't a clue. You pick your sliver of an issue to get behind and then close your mind completely to anything that might resemble logic or the truth. You're the same sort of Party Stooge that says if anyone says anything bad about President Obama, they must be racist... Wake up, read a history book or two and open up the steel trap you call a mind. As an aside, I work with and have friends from a great many ethnic descents. I have yet to have any of them refer to themselves as "people of color" and most of them laugh when you say anything like that. PC is just for guilty-feeling white folk, it doesn't work here. (Proud Hispano)

  7. Hispano? From the country of Hispa? Here's an article from wiki that might clue you into the usage of "people of color."

    Of course the reactionary right wing history books wouldn't have a thorough explanation of such a term. After all, why be disabused of your faked history? And I'm sure your "friends from a great many ethnic descents" represent a completely representative cross section of the population. Here's a little bit of history for you from wikipedia:

    "Although the term citizens of color was used by Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1963, and other uses date to as early as 1818, people of color did not gain prominence for many years. Influenced by radical theorists like Frantz Fanon, racial justice activists in the U.S. began to use the term people of color in the late 1970s. By the early 1990s, it was in wide circulation. Both anti-racist activists and academics sought to move understandings of race beyond the black-white binary then prevalent."

    The following comes from - how wonderful - something called Conservapedia, a right wing source about language. (

    "The same can be said for the changing uses of terms for Black Americans: "Negro" and "colored", once perfectly acceptable terms, became offensive during the 1970s and "Afro-American" and "Black" came into use, which in turn gave way to "African-American", AND IN BROADER USAGE, "people of color."

    No wonder the right wing is shrinking to 12% of the population. You're even too dumb to reproduce.

  8. PC is a made up Republican idea. Calling people out on inappropriate behavior is righteous. And the only guilty-feeling people are those who have done wrong, it doesn't know race lines. Hispo.... what a joker.

  9. Dumbass righties

  10. Julian Bond of the NAACP just used the term "people of color" on the Keith Oberman show.

  11. Why not have a Nazi day while we are at it?
    After all, they fought bravely against this country also.

    We could celebrate the Japanese soldiers who fought bravely against us also.

    The confederacy was fighting against the USA. We shouldn't forget that.

  12. Bottom line, the Governor has his own agenda that is now showing its ugly face. Get rid of him. Go to the poles and vote his type (racist) out of office.