Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Republican Lost Weekend and Some Advice From A Classic Mardi Gras Song

Surprise Video At End of Post :) It sums it up perfectly.

The Republicans now find themselves in the unenviable position of the drunkard who comes home, argues with his family, pees in the wastebasket, busts up the TV, yells crazed obscenities at the neighbors, kicks the dog then wakes up next morning to realize through his screaming-mimi hangover that he's the one who's going to pay for all the damage.

The GOP is now living in the ultimate lost political weekend. Lord knows what the headache remedy will be.

Gallup took a snap one-day poll yesterday regarding opinion concerning the passage of health care reform, and to put it mildly, nothing succeeds like success.

Of all adults in the country 49% say it's a good thing, 40% say a bad thing, and 11% have no opinion. Just for grins, let's split the no opinions in half and still leave the traditional 4% (terminally) undecided. That means we're splitting the remaining 7%, 3.5 and 3.5.

The result would then be 52.5% to 43.5% in favor of passage. That's 9 percentage points.

President Obama won the 2008 popular vote 52.9% to 45.7%. That's 7 percentage points. One can infer that reform is actually more popular than was Obama '08, but Gallup's measurement was of all adults, not likely voters.

I'd venture to say that the numbers are even more in favor of the Democrats since there is a certain percentage on the left who are still smarting from the exclusion of the government-option plank. So, some small fraction who say it's a bad thing, indeed are fairly far left on the spectrum. Scracely can they be lumped in with the right wing.

One other interesting stat of the moment - the stock market was up 103 points, or almost 1%, today.

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