Friday, May 21, 2010

Rand Paul's New American Animal House

Rand Paul's scurvy view of how the Federal Government should interact with private business on racial matters is not the only danger associated with the cruel, demented politics of Kentucky's Republican Senate candidate.

Dating back to the 1850s - almost 160 years ago now - progressive ideas entered mainstream American political currents. (In 1852 Massachusetts passed a law making it mandatory for children to attend school, the opening bell for a century and a half of government activism.)

The progressivist Abolitionist Movement of the 1840s and 50s culminated in the Civil War of course, which Libertarians, radicals all, would not have brooked.

And, the grand sweep of the 14th Amendment would be nothing but a ghostly promise in Paul's haunted American house. Due process? Forget about it.

Rand Paul and his war-of-all-against-all fellow-travelers would have none of this government activity if elected in 2010.

I wish this were an exaggeration, but everything from racial equality to women's rights to pure food and drug laws would be swept away by the Libertarian lunatic fringe. The Interstate Commerce Act, Sherman Anti-Trust Act, wildlife conservation and land preservation, unionization, the building of railroads and the interstate road system, public transportation, the space program, pollution control, regulation of dangerous narcotics, the prohibition against selling alcohol or tobacco products to children, and a thousand other activities our governments regulate - they too would be swept away.

One can see this philosophy virulently at work in the Libertarian Supreme Court's Citizen United v. Federal Election Commission decision this past January. It gives businesses license to buy elections, pure and simple. They can fly the flag of "Free Speech" all they want, but it's flying over a parade designed to work against the individual work-a-day citizen's true interests.

Rand Paul's is not the philosophy of a man running for high office but running for the position of top dog in the bull sessions of a right wing frat house.

His (lack of) thinking comes to us draped in the regal robes of fiscal responsibility and in expensive suits, when indeed such thinking is an impish child born on a beer-sticky floor during a farting contest.

Paul would thrust us all into an Animal House of ethnic hate, filthy air and water, child neglect, drug and alcohol abuse. Laws? Who needs 'em as long as the budget is balanced.

Here he comes, Rand Paul, selling his medicine show swill to the people of Kentucky, a poverty-stricken state sorely afflicted by environmental devastation created by the coal companies who have also had the good conscience to bust the people's unions as government stood aside in Libertarian glee.

Kentucky has the highest cancer rate in the country.

Kentucky is the state with the highest proportion of adults under 65 without teeth.

It has an adult illiteracy rate of about 40%.

Kentucky ranks 47th in the nation in percentage of residents with a bachelor's degree.

17% of the population lives in poverty, over 684,00 people, up from 14% in 1995.

Kentucky's ground water upon which a great majority of its citizens rely for drinking ranks last in the United States for purity.

All this Rand Paul and his non-compassionate cohorts vow to stand aside and watch.

Libertarian? Death merchants.

As the old bumper sticker said: The Moral Majority is Neither.


  1. You people are the ones that do not get it.

  2. Typical leftist lies about what was actually said by Rand Paul. Also, I live in Ky and the water is just fine.

  3. Thank God he does not get it, whatever you think, "it" is.

  4. I know you haven't ever really ventured that far out of your current thought paradigm, or you wouldn't be writing manure like this.

    Well, back to real life. I'll try and be the change that I wish to see in the world, and you can go achieve your ends by lobbying the government to make other people do what you think they should be doing. Thank Jebus you know what's best for all of us!

  5. Let's start with Mancino and the most foolish of the comments. The Kentucky division of ground water, the Kentucky Environmental Quality Commission, the Federal EPA and the University of Kentucky all agree that Kentucky has the worst groundwater quality in the nation.

    Of course, Master of the environment Mancino knows more than all of them put together. Perhaps it's worse than you think Mancino. It seems to have affected the portion of your brain that controls logic. Coal mining, hog lagoon runoff, deep cavernous subterranean structures... hmm... what do you know that you should sahre with the world?

  6. Anonymous said...

    "I know you haven't ever really ventured that far out of your current thought paradigm, or you wouldn't be writing manure like this."

    I've ventured far enough beyond my paradigm to know that toothless, uneducated, illiterate, impoverished people need a lot more than freakish political theories like the ones Rand Paul holds.

    What's his solution? Pray for the teeth to grow back?

  7. What part don't "we" get? That our friends and fellow citizens in KY are in need of a big helping hand and Rand Paul wants to put the jackboot of Libertarianism on the necks of those who are already down and out?

    All it takes is a reasonably moral person to know when a neighbor needs help. Evidently what we don't get is how badly you and your ilk are immoral, callous individuals who hate humanity.

  8. You're acting like you know and will execute what's best for the people of Ky while calling them uneducated hicks who should be lucky to have your help. I hate Rand Paul, but this article and your comments are taking a dump on the people of KY. Never make your point by alienating your audience. Your tone is a turd in the punchbowl of some sweet Rand Paul hate

  9. Actually, if you read a little more closely, you'd see that, in fact, there is great sympathy for the people of Kentucky. Being honest about one's condition is the first step toward remedying it. I didn't make the statistics up. The Kentucky State government provided them, as did the U.S. Census. If you want your state to be dead last in many critical areas, keep thinking that failing to self-examine and viewing reality as you wish it to be are good ideas. Or maybe you think that having no teeth is something - what? - to never talk about? There's no crime in being poor. There's no shame in being uneducated. There is shame in hiding from it and doing nothing about it.

  10. Bravo RDL:

    Here's the thing, the Repuke Party's got it goin' on .05% of the population have SUCKERED 46.5% of the population into Voting AGAINST their own BEST INTEREST! Now that's payin' it forward! And I assure you no one in he top 1% of Inc Earners would be slummin' on htis board! (no offense!)