Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Ridiculous Comment On This Blog's Satirical Critique of Big Oil

 "Anonymous" has left a new comment on May 12th's post "Oil Hearings: Somebody Spoke And I Went Into A Dream."(click to read)

Is it really that difficult for you to understand the difference between your dream and reality? Your dream is about a dysfunctional person intentionally set upon destruction. Reality is about men and women working long hard hours in difficult conditions to bring you the cushy comforts you desire. After literally millions of barrels of your comfort brought to you cleanly through risk and hardship, an accident - yes accident -has catastrophic results. Not only is there no evil intent, there is death and destruction as a reward for risk and hard work. And you, on the sidelines, using the oil, have the temerity to assign blame.

Apparently the self-righteous know neither common sense nor do they own a modest sense of humor. The post on Big Oil's disruptive, polluting, profit-at-any-price - see link immediately above - was a SATIRE. It was meant to make a point that minor crimes committed by ordinary people are vigorously prosecuted while the criminals who devastate the environment or steal billions through the manipulation of financial instruments are almost never given prison time.

The apologist for the oil industry who sent the anonymous comment believes, idiotically, that the oil companies provide "comfort brought to you cleanly." Patently false. Simply a big lie from Big Oil. Oil and other fossil fuels are filthy, dangerous, and cause millions of premature deaths and serious illness globally through pollutants every year. Purchase of foreign oil hurts America's national security. Oil companies have long hampered development of alternative energy in order to keep their pockets stuffed with ill-gotten money. Its directors and managers are voracious pirates in business suits.

The commenter goes on to say that "there is no evil intent" in the corporate heart of Big Oil. Does skirting regulations for the sake of profit not count? Oil at any price, including human life, is not "evil?" Then what is it? It is an attack on all humanity. The Earth belongs to everyone.

Bob Dylan in All Along The Watchtower:  

"Businessmen, they drink my wine, plowmen dig my earth,
None of them along the line know what any of it is worth."

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