Friday, February 12, 2010

The Price of Tea


  1. I was wondering if you had any info on the funding charaters of these groups listed on the
    following frame:

    also see "hitler on glen beck" on you tube


  2. Each one is slightly different in their financial approach.

    "Year of Youth" is a civic, non-partisan organization that does not support any candidate or candidate's committee.

    "The American Liberty Coalition PAC" is a Political Action Committee working to raise awareness of liberty oriented candidates, such as Congressman Ron Paul...


    This will tell you more about what types of financial set-ups are available to political lobbying groups.

    A visit to the FEC - Federal Elections Commission - site gives you all sorts of interesting info. You can search for PACS and eventually their donors, and on a different page than the one I'm giving below, individual names of donors can be researched:

  3. thanks,

    I just wanted to be sure that these were ligitmate PACs and not corporate puppets.


  4. Well, that remains to be seen. My best advice is to go to a site, investigate it, and then research in more depth using the sites I mentioned above. I imagine you won't find any of the more elaborate sites that aren't somehow connected to nefarious funding. Most likely, those with MORE regular advertising are not diabolically connected. And, while you might not like the advertising or products, at least you know they are straight up, out in the open deal, operating in the usual legitimate way of any media. Good luck.